ToteBag CLASSY Custom

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A Custom Totebag with a Cartoon Portrait of your pet in a CLASSY mood

Imagine your dog or your cat as a Classy character. This Tote bag Custom pet portrait bow tie Custom pet portrait design dog. However, the face personalizable bag cartoons pet is our best sale. For this reason, be the one to offer this amazing present to kid with face pet. Pet disneyfication on a totebag is online now. For Usa, Japan, South Korea and Europe.

Tote Bag is environmentally friendly and durable for multiple use.
100% cotton, reinforced seams on handles. Dimensions: 16″ high without handles (40 cm)

Customized pet portrait wearing a bow tie and a hat printed on this bag.

• Ecologic bag
• Unique design
• Usefull and washable

Surprise your loved ones with this customizable Tote bag. Imagine YOUR pet as a classy character.

Usefull to bring all your stuffs with you everywhere with this beautiful personalizable natural bag ❤️

We can always have something with us to remind us of our lovely pets.
Upload pictures of your pet and we make a customized tote bag with his/her head.
They will always be near you to cheer you up on every minute.

All pets welcome


* The precise shape of the print will depend on the form of your pet’s head

Need help for taking pictures? See our Guide.

Best tote bag face cartoons style and Disney. Tote bag Custom classy design or Custom pet portrait bow tie

However, surprise your friends, your children and your parents with these Tota bag natural custom dog face personalizable cartoons pet. Printed with dog head and cat head, decorative totebag and good quality. These portraits are drawn in high quality cartoons. If you like Disney, you will love this kind of style! We sell our products over the world.

Personalize your own totebag cute design face dog or cat with pawtoonies.

Anyways, tote bag fashion with animals picture printed is a new trend. Be sure to offer the best gift ever for kid and teens. Custom pillow with dog cat face cartoons with Steampunk style.

By the way, pawtoonies sell the most resistant totebga and the most beautiful and cute printed design on bag. Be sure to make happpy your little children with this tote bag Disney. Find an amazing tote bag with dog hat and bow tie.

Tote bags design Custom pet portrait bow tie cat with hat with your own pet is ready for a customization. Besides customable phone accessories for adults who like Disney. Classy look for a dog or a cat only.

Be the one to follow the new trend of totebag with pet face version Disney cartoons. Portrait digital on a bag printed with this customized pet portrait phone case. Are you looking for a totebag customizable? Customized pet portrait phone case are created to protect your smartphone but with a personalized drawing high quality. created by US compagny from Canada.

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