Do you just do cats and dogs?

We can design a portrait for any animal no matter the species or the breed. So far we’re created unique masterpieces for dogs, cats, birds, horses, micro-pigs and even hedgehogs!

Our artists are incredibly talented and can work with any animal on Earth.

Can I print more than one pet?

For the moment, only Ice Cream product allows you to print than one pet but new products will be online regularly, stay in touch!

Do you do human portraits?

Of course, our skilled artist also creates humans! You can find them under the category Human
or through a personalized portrait where you include a human

Does it matter what’s in the background of my photo?

No this shouldn’t matter. Don’t worry if there’s a lot of stuff in the background. Obviously it’s better if it’s a plain/clear background. But don’t obsess over it too much! It really doesn’t make much difference.

For 100% custom digital portraits, you will be asked to provide a background photo without any animal.

What are the canvas dimensions?

12 inches x 12 inches (+-30 cm x 30 cm)

What if my photo is in black and white?

If your photo is a black and white image we will naturally change the design to be black and white too, to match your pet photo. Note that we do not and cannot add colour to black and white images.

If you provide a black and white image please be aware that we cannot offer a refund when you receive a black and white portrait.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes absolutely!

What if I don’t like the artwork?

We’re 100% dedicated to ensuring you love your artwork!

If you liked the products on our site, you can be sure that your pet will be drawn in the same way at a high quality and with love. So why not trust the artist?

I ordered multiple products in one order, will they arrive together?

Depending on what you ordered, your order may arrive in separate parcels. Although in most cases, all items will be packaged together.

I have a rabbit for pet

If your pet is rabbit the ears probably appears a little small than in reality but don’t be worry it will be perfect anyway

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