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Phone case with personalized portrait of your pet is a trend very cute and beautiful. Cute design in Custom Phone case Pet portrait. Your pet’s face personalization on smartphone case. Disney style portrait of your cat or dog and customized. Pet disneyfication has become a real fashion and your case is waiting for you!

Perfect for Samsung Iphone Huwaei smartphones
Made of heavy duty material to secure your phone with pet face

Non-slip properties give your iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus a great grip on surfaces. Even fall from 2 meters, our shell can protect your device intact. Custom Phone case Pet portrait is the best gift idea ever. Cartoons pets drawings in phone case.
The shells are beautifully designed and uniquely decorated to make great your phone with cartoon style pet customization. A unique style and a unique gift for your kids, teens and all adults who love Disney cartoons. These cartoon dog portraits are adorable. Cat in Disney style on a phone case too.
Be sure every product of this boutique will give you cuteness and joy in your life, it could be for dog memorial phone case or even for cat tribute after death. Every humanisation of pets are created by Pawtoonies. Pet Disney custom portrait drawn in digital portrait which turns your pets into movie character.

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