Cartoons pet Disneyfication portrait drawing

Make a portrait of your pet disneyfication as drawing for your cat and your dog.

Make the portrait of your pet disneyfication dog and cat

Upload few photos of your pet and we create the best cartoons character you could never imagined

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Portrait of your pets in a similar style as Disney. Pet Disneyfication amazing Gift dog lover sold here! Disneyfication of your pets with drawing, hand drawn picture of your dog and your cat. Find the most original present for a pet owner for his birthday. Portrait pets is the most fashion gift of the world.

phone case kitten Disney style

“Cartoons pet creation has become a trend for true animal lovers but printing it on objects of everyday life, it’s the best idea ever!”

Janie, Illustrator freelance & customer

Custom digital portrait

Order a portrait for your pet Disneyfication style and drawings

Do you prefer a portrait from a personal photo?

Our artist will draw a portrait from the photo you send, including background.

100% custom

Personalized portrait sent by Email (A3 format, JPG & PDF files)

It’s totally possible to put several pets together on the same portrait even if you don’t have a picture of them together

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❤ Made with love & passion ❤

Two cats hugging portrait

We offer a high quality designs due to the professionalism of our creator who has been working in illustration and tattoos for 10 years.

We know that your pets are the most important thing in your life. Taking your pet everywhere with you through everyday objects is something important for us, time flies so quickly.

If you have grown up surrounded by cartoons and your pet is a true part of your family Pawtoonies was created for you. Best gift idea for dog lovers or for cat lovers!

Each type of animal can be adapted to any design


Behind tons of portraits there’s Mornee, a cartoon fanatic and pets lover since her early childhood in Belgium.

“My two little beloved dogs Pixie and Madiba were my inspiration to have created Pawtoonies!

I am a perfectionist and 100% dedicated person who wants others to have the best possible care. Be sure I’ll do my best to create a perfect cartoons character of your pet!

GIFT CARD for pet portrait

Someone close to your heart would LOVE this idea to receive a product of Pawtoonies but you don’t have any photos in your possession.

Gift card for pets lovers

The best way to treasure the persons you love

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